Let’s Talk about Video Marketing and YouTube

 YouTube is the third largest website in world and the second largest search engine.

It currently gets over 2.8 Million Video Views per Minute – That’s over 4 Billion Video Views per Day!

Google research shows that 75% more people are using video now than 1 year ago.

Cisco also claims that 90% of all internet traffic will soon be video traffic.

More and more corporate money is being invested into video creation and production.

But how many videos does your business have on YouTube right now?

How many of those videos are being marketed effectively to your target market?

My guess is nowhere near enough, and maybe even zero!

So What Are The Problems That Most Businesses Face With Video Marketing?

 Most businesses simply do not realise how huge video marketing already is and how fast it is growing.

They have no idea how to produce and edit an impressive video effectively.

Nor do they know how to reach their target market online effectively.

Most businesses do not know how to rank and market a video online effectively.

And nor do they know the best way to maintain their video presence online.

So How Can You Leverage Video – The World’s Most Powerful Online Marketing System – And Why Work With VideoFlute?

First Of All – Here At  VideoFlute We Stay Way Ahead Of The Curve With Online Video Trends And What’s Producing the Best Results and Returns on Investment Right Now.

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